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SJ-420Y/YS Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine


Model: 420Y/YS
Paper size (AxB): Amin. 95mm, Amax. 610mm; Bmin. 180mm, Bmax. 850mm
Paper thickness: 80-300g/m3
Carton size: Wmin 60mm, Wmax 350mm, Lmin 100mm, Lmax 450mm, Hmin 15mm, Hmax 150mm
Cardboard thickness: 0.8-3mm
Folding size: Rmin 10mm, Rmax 160mm
Folding ear size: 10mm-90mm
Manipulator or model: YK600XG-200
Position precision: <+-0.1mm
Production speed: <35pcs/min; <18pcs/min
Stacking height of tissue paper: 480mm
Stacking height of cardboard: 1000mm
Gas source requirements: 50L/ min 0.8Mpa
Total power of equipment: 45kw/ AC380v
Equipment size: 9800 x 4000 x 3400 (S460Y-S), 7200 x 4000 x 3400 (S460Y-S)

SJ-420YS Automatic rigid box making machine is mainly used for producing boutique boxes with high requirements, like boxes for iPhone, iPad, Jewelry gift.

  1. Auto feeding sheet paper,auto box corner pasting,automatic positioning,automatic wrapping.
  2. Servo system control,1 touch screen to control all units,easy for operation.
  3. Yamaha Robot hands position station, position accuracy ≤0.1mm
  4. Convey belt with full air suction device,prevent product drift.
  5. Only need 1-2 workers to collect final box and regulate material consumption.
  6. Equipped with Internet,remote problem and system upgrades for end-users.
  7. Long time for use, could use for 10-15 years. (Proper maintenance)

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