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QYHX-3300EL High-Speed AB Gluer Machine (Intelligent)


Model: 3300EL
Paper size: Min. 750 x 450mm;
Max. 1650 x 1650mm
Machine speed: 0-3200p/h
Applicable paper: A-F corrugated board and 5ply corrugated board
Dimension: 10660 x 7330 x 1400mm
Power: 13kw
Weight: 4000kg

  1. This machine is multi-station double sheet folder gluer, mainly focus on large-format double sheet products development, to follow-up 1620 offset printing of post printing and packaging machines.
  2. The heating power of this machine adopts microwave heating, with low energy consumption, fast heating and high efficiency heating conduction. When working with single sheet, turn off the heating box power, which saves electricity and does not cause the oxidation degeneration of hot melt glue in the box.
  3. The glue unit adopts independent micro – motor drive, which can be adjusted separately.The independent drive reducer provides stable power output for the whole drive.
  4. The machine uses dual servo feed, to ensure the stability of the equipment in the high-speed paper feed and high-speed paper feed synchronization, and the servo feed allows A and B products to set the size of the paper alone, to solve the size of the film problem.
  5. Adhesive using double-channel glue, respectively, hot-melt adhesives and ordinary sealing plastic to ensure that products into the container and cold storage after 100% bonding.
  6. Two-piece docking positioning is also used in dual-servo paper, to the machine in the low-speed bonding and high-speed bonding provides the same accuracy of consistency.
  7. This machine can be used as a flat box and a special-shaped box, and the front position adopts a dual purpose, which shortens the time for changing the machine.
  8. The machine for the dual-use machine, double sheet box and single sheet box can be produced and the double sheet box into a single box only 2 minutes to complete.

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