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LC-350 High Speed Intelligent Laser Die Cutting System


Model: LC-350
Max. cutting width: 350mm
Max. cutting length: Unlimited
Max. width of feeding: 370mm
Max. web diameter: 750mm
Max. web speed: 120m/min
Accuracy: +-0.1mm
Dimensions: 3700 x 2000 x 1820mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 3500kg
Power supply: 380V 50/60hz
Air pressure: >0.4mpa
Laser pressure: 150w/ 300w/ 600w
Laser power output range: 5% – 100%
Power stability: +-3%
Water chiller power: 1.2kw – 3kw
Exhaust system power: 1.2kw – 3kw
Beam: <2mrad full width remote measurement <2mrad
Line speed: 6000

LC-350 High Speed Intelligent Laser Die Cutting System

1. Professional roll to roll working platform, digital workflow streamlines operations; Highly efficient and flexible, significantly increasing processing efficiency.
2. Modular custom design. According to processing requirement, various laser types and options for each unit function module are available.
3. Eliminate the cost of mechanical tooling such as traditional knife dies. Easy to operate, one person can operate, effectively reducing labor costs.
4. High quality, high precision, more stavle, not limited by the complexity of graphics.
5. On-demand production effienctly response customer orders.
6. QR code/ Bar code scanning, supports jobs changeover on the fly.

Main Applications: PP, BOPP, Synthetic Paper, PET, Glossy Paper, Matte Paper, Silver Poluester, Reflective Film, Double Sided Tape, Art Paper, Card Paper, and Coated Paper

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