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GLS-1080*900 Fully Automatic Water-base & Thermal Film Laminator


Model: KYD-1080
Maximum Stack Size: 1080x780mm
Maximum Stack Height: 80mm
Waste Removal Speed: 5Times/ min
Maximum Pressure: 100 Bar
Overall Dimensions: 2400x1800x2000mm (L*W*H)
Net Weight Of Machine: 4000kg
Supply Voltage: 380V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Total Power: 9kw
Gas Consumption: 2L/min
Compressed Air: 506Bar

1. Suitable for both water-based and thermal film lamination.
2. Separate door design: safer operation, easier maintenance and simpler use.
3. Automatic feeding system: Equipped with servo-controlled feeder head and photoelectric controlled sheet gap sensor ro achieve continuous feed and self-protection.
4. Electromagnetic-heated laminating system: fast temperature rise, accurate temperature with a tolerance of ±1°C.
5. Hot wind drying system: electromagnetic heating and oven heat circulation system for fast sheet drying. Thermostatic and energy saving.
6. Anti-curl device: Takes curl out of the laminated sheet, especially thin sheets.
7. Bounce sheeting system: steady and fast sheeting.
8. Non-stop stacker: Stack sheet fast and neatly, while keeping the host running.
9. Electrothermal powder removal device: Enhancing film-sheet bond and product surface brightness after lamination.

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