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FZ-180 Automatic High-Speed Packing Machine


Model: FZ-180
Max speed: 60-80bag/min
Max size of packing: 180 x 250mm
Min size of packing: 60 x 70mm
Thickness of packing: 2-30mm
Film thickness: 0.025 – 0.04mm
Max. diameter of film: 420mm
OPP film specification: Max 190 x 250mm; Min 70 x 70mm
Motor power: 12kw
Machine weight: 2200kg
Dimension of machine: 4500 x 3300 x 1650mm

FZ-180 Automatic High-Speed Packing Machine

1. Quantity fixing: with quantity counting function, according to the customer requirement, filling the fixed quantity inside the bag.
2. Bag making: with bag making machine. only feeding the plastic film, it can produce the bag directly according to the request, save the time and labour, and reduce the cost, increase the productions efficiency, and create the benefit.
3. Bag filling: The machine is controlled by PLC and servomotors, all actions are penumatic, the structure is simple, and locating is fast. And it also can add the function of gluing, punching, ultrasonic ect, replace the manual operation absolutely.

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