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FS350-6C Intermittent PS Version Rotary Printing Machine


Model: FS350
Printing speed: 50-180RPM
Printing colors: 2-10colors
Max. printing length: 350mm
Max. web width: 360mm
Max. printing width: 360mm
Max. unwinding diameter: 800mm
Max. rewinding diameter: 800mm
Power supply: 3 phase 380v
Total power: 33.6kw (Ex. UV)
UV power: 5kw/ unit
Overall dimension: 11000mm x 1600mm x 1850mm (L x W x H)
Weight: About 9500kg

FS350 Intermittent PS Version Rotary Printing Machine

The machine control system adopts LATTICE motion control system in US, which is one of the strongest, fastest and most reliable motion control products. Each unit has an independent servo motor. The machine adopts the PS plate intermittent offset printing (web offset). which is very suitable in printing small & large quantities high end labels. It is the ideal machine for printing factory to print high-end labels.

Adopts the most advanced German three-point suspension pressure structure, the printing units apply the true high quality heavy offset printing unites, by 19 inking rollers (including four from rollers, and four alcohol damping rollers).

A good ink system can effectively prevent the ink bars and ghost phenomenon, so that greatly improve the printing quality. printing precision and definition, which the letterpress can not achieve.

Registration system: each printing unit adjusts both the horizontal and vertical movement by the independent servo motor. Using of static surface monitoring (standard), you can adjust non-stop on the contol panel the horizontal and vertical register, effectively improving the quality of printing and productivity.

Large printing area of 350 *350mm, the use of high precision computer photoelectric tracking device can ensure accurate over print of the surface and back printing, to increase the variety of label printing.

Shaftless driving: each unit is driven by an independent servo motor.

Positioning system: simply enter the printing length on the control panel, then each printing unit will move to preset-position.

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