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Debao-118DT High Speed Intelligent Paper Cup Sleeve Machine


Model: Debao-118DT
Product range: D1: 70-95mm (H) 60-130mm; D2: 50-75mm (H) 0-12mm (sleeve height)
Paper thickness: 0.2825-0.4075mm; 0.245-0.2925mm
Paper materials: Gray board/ white board, embossed
Capacity: Hollow/ Appressed: 80-120pcs/min; Corrugated: 80-100pcs/min; Embossed 60-80pcs/min
Compressed air: 0.6-0.8mPa, 0.4m3/ min
Three-phase, 380V, 5KW
Machine encasement dimension: 2900 x 1400 x 2100mm
Weight: 2600kg

Debao-118DT high speed intelligent paper cup sleeve machine is using tabletop layout, which isolates the forming parts and transmissions parts. All transmission parts are installed in the main frame under the table, using longitudinal shaft, barrel indexing cam and gear transmission, lubricated by oil bath. The forming parts are installed on the table, easy to access for cleaning and maintenance. Machine is controlled by PLC, the whole process is monitored by photoelectric sensors, glue sprayed by servo. Machine is good for making 8-44oz sleeved paper cup. It is an ideal equipment for making different type of sleeved cups. Embossing unit is an option according to customers’ request.

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