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CM540A Automatic Case Maker


Model: CM540A
Case size: Min. 100 x 200mm; Max. 540 x 1000mm
Paper size: Min. 130 x 230mm; Max 570 x 1030mm
Inner paper size: Min. 90 x 190mm
Paper thickness: 100-300g/m2
Cardboard thickness: 1-3mm
Spine width(s): 10mm
Folding size: 10-18mm
Cardboard quantity: 6pcs
Precision: +-0.1mm
Speed: <38pcs/ min
Motor power: 12kw/ 380v 3phase
Electric heating power: 10kw
Air supply: 30L/ min 0.6Mpa
Machine dimension: 9000 x 2300 x 1700mm (L x W x H)
Machine weight: 3500kg
Cover type: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

Product Advantage:
1. New Paper Feeder: Fully pneumatic controlled post-sucked type paper feeder is easy to maintenance.
2.Irregular Case Folding Technology: Adopt original folding technology which solves the technical difficulties of irregular case in the field.
3. High-precision Positioning Device: Photoelectricity tracking detection, servo deviation correction to ensure positioning accuracy

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