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Caunta 650S/ 860S Full Automatic High-Speed Window Patching Machine


Model: G-650S
Max. paper size: 110 x 110mm
Paper gram above: Kraft paper: 150-1200g/m2
Max. film: 290 x 300mm
Min. film: 30 x 50mm
Film thickness: CPE/ PE: 0.1-0.3mm; PVC: 0.08-0.25mm; APET/ PET: 0.06-0.2mm
Max. film unwinding diameter: 400mm
Max. speed: Paper 260mm: 15000pcs/ h

Major functions:
1. Hob cutting film + single group film applicator
2. Servo motor paper feeding
3. Servo motor film feeding
4. Paper receiving stepper with batch counting
5. Paper vacuum adsorption transport
6. Double sheet / empty sheet gluing rising automatically
7. Paper length L < 260mm double sheet mode
8. Follow lable of film printing surface(optional)
9. Film with punching holes (optional)
10. Tissue box film middle cut (optional)

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