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Bosid-460Z Folding and Sewing In-Line Machine


Model: 460Z

Max. binding size: 460*430mm

Max. folding size: 460*650mm

Min. binding size: 150*80mm

Min. folding size: 150*160mm

Max. sewing speed: 70 cycles/ min

Max. folding speed: 300sheets/ min

Machine power: 4kw

Dimension: 4450 *1450 *1250mm

Weight: 2000kg

Bosid-460Z folding and sewing linkage is a multifunctional equipment which integrates counting, folding, collating, sewing and output of separate books (also can single-start semi-automatic sewing mode, the width can reach 460 *430mm). In operation it can achieve a variety of thick, thin paper and coated paper folding & sewing. The efficient production of the machine of products of different specifications results from the extremely short start-up time of the automatic edition function. Automation and precision, speed and stability, can more perfectly reflect the sewing quality, thus making sheet-fed sewing more flexible and simple.


1. Sensitive stack height control system: in Feta operation, with the input of the number of paper feeding, the stack is always kept at a suitable height to make the paper feeding smooth.
2. Feta automatic tracking system: with the reduction of the paper, the height of the back suction paper is automatically consistent with the height of the paper stack, real-time detection and tracking, to ensure the normal back suction.
3. Double-sheet automatic detection: different thickness of paper, as long as enter the double sheet, will be detected and automatic stop.
4. Color code recognizer: it can identify and confirm according to different color codes, so as to achieve accurate book classification.
5. Display screen: rotary color touch screen to realize man-machine dialogue and control all functions of the machine.
6. Folding setting machanism: single sheet folding is accurate and neat, and the folding pressure can be adjusted according to different papers.
7. Separate and stack position: make the folded pages stack neatly, divide the posts clearly, and adjust automatically according to the size of the pages.
8. Pull gauge: servo control, automatic size adjustment, single scrattered pages can also be stacked neatly.
9. The height of the acceleration wheel can be programmed according to the different thickness of the book.
10. The short stroke of threading needle and crochet can be precisely inserted into the bottom hole made by bottom needle along the back of the book, ensuring the highest quality of sewing.
11. Synchronous out of the book mechanism, so that the lock line after the book block automatically transmitted to the large-scale book collection, collection more convenient.

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